Tom Brady Ponytail: Gisele Bundchen Digs Long Hair? (VIDEO)

tom brady ponytail
Gisele Bundchen Digs Tom Brady's Ponytail?

Have you seen Tom Brady’s ponytail that he showed off at Carnival in Brazil? If you haven’t seen Tom Brady’s new do, then you can check it out and watch he and Gisele Bundchen acting like two teenagers in love in the video clip below. Gag me.

Tom Brady’s hair has been a subject of interest in the past, and there are even rumors that Gisele Bundchen refuses him to cut it. I guess she digs guys with long hair?

Personally, I don’t think that Tom Brady’s ponytail is doing him any favors. He looks much more handsome with a short, clean cut look.  Which hairstyle do you prefer on him?