Tom Brady Slams Tiger Woods' Dad-Like Pleated Pants


tiger_woods-babyIn the quest for super-athlete supremacy, Tom Brady has fired the first shots in what could become a majorly athletic conflict by poking fun at Tiger Woods’ fashion sense. Who’s the more dapper of the two? Tom Brady seems to think that he’s the authority on looking young and hip, rather than old fashioned and paternal. I guess I can agree.

I never thought of Tom as much of a fashion authority though. I’m kinda surprised that he decided to dis on Tiger’s look. From GQ:

“I see so many guys, really athletic guys, wearing [pleated pants]. I just shake my head. Like, Tiger Woods used to wear pleated pants! I’m like, ‘C’mon, Tiger!'”

Tiger Woods may have his own line of golf clothing, but with supermodel wife Gisele around to keep him from looking too old school, Tom Brady clearly holds the fashion edge. Plus, Tiger farted loudly at the Buick OpenOK, it turned out to be a prank.

Think about this: Tom Brady is 32 with a 2-year-old son and a baby on the way. Tiger Woods is 33 with a 2-year-old and a 9-month-old. Despite their similarities, I thought that Tiger was in his 40s, based solely on the way he dresses. So, maybe he should put the pleated pants away.