Tom Colicchio Builds Schedule Around Baby


mariobatalifoundationhostsscreeningfantastic-mr-fox-228x3002Restaurant entrepreneur and head judge of Top Chef Tom Colicchio, 47, says that as his own boss, he can make his own schedule, and he does — around his baby boy.  Colicchio and wife Lori Silverbush welcomed Luka in August and the busy dad admits that he is “dead tired.”

But according to his wife he seems to be handling it all okay.

“He’s not one of those dads where you worry he’s going to bathe the baby in boiling water. He’s got it under control.”

Coliccio also has a son from a previous relationship, Dante, 16, who is a “great big brother.”  As a father, Colicchio has one main goal: “to raise children who go out in the world and do the right thing.”

Can’t get enough of him?  Check out his interview with Babble from November.


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