Happy Birthday Tom Cruise! Suri Cruise, Isabella and Connor Celebrate! (Photos)

tom cruise birthday suri cruise isabella connor
Tom Cruise birthday party!!

Happy birthday, Tom Cruise! Cruise turns 49 years old today, July 3, and his family (the whole gang!) were on hand to help Tom celebrate in Miami.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri Cruise, as well as Tom’s kids Connor and Isabella, were all at the Miami celebration.

Mom Katie Holmes was seen carrying Suri Cruise into the Soho Beach House, with Connor and Isabella trailing behind.

Later, Suri and big half-sis Isabella were spotted checking out the scene from the balcony above, while other party guests looked on.

Katie Holmes was also spied on the balcony… but where’s the man of the hour, Tom Cruise?

Check out more photos of Tom Cruise’s birthday celebration in the photos below.

  • Mom Katie Holmes carries Suri into the party 1 of 10
    Mom Katie Holmes carries Suri into the party
    It's Tom Cruise's birthday party!
  • Happy birthday, Tom Cruise! 2 of 10
    Happy birthday, Tom Cruise!
    The rooftop balcony of Soho Beach House in Miami where the birthday celebration took place.
  • Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise 3 of 10
    Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise
    Half brother Connor follows behind.
  • Connor Cruise 4 of 10
    Connor Cruise
    Tom Cruise's son, Connor.
  • Connor Cruise at Tom Cruise’s party 5 of 10
    Connor Cruise at Tom Cruise's party
    Connor Cruise sports a tattoo on his arm.
  • Isabella Cruise 6 of 10
    Isabella Cruise
    Tom Cruise's daughter, Isabella.
  • Isabella and Suri Cruise 7 of 10
    Isabella and Suri Cruise
    Isabella and Suri watch from the balcony.
  • Isabella, Suri and party guests 8 of 10
    Isabella, Suri and party guests
    Guests look on from the balcony.
  • Isabella Cruise with Suri 9 of 10
    Isabella Cruise with Suri
    Sisters check out the scene.
  • Katie Holmes 10 of 10
    Katie Holmes
    Katie Holmes, of course, on hand at the Miami celebration.

Images: PCNPhotos