Tom Cruise Is At The "Jack Reacher" Red Carpet In Spain (Photos)

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has a huge smile from ear to ear on The Red Carpet of the Jack Reacher Premier in Spain! Jack Reacher is based on One Shot — one of the series of novels by Child about an ex-military policeman-turned-benevolent drifter. It opens on December 21.
I have always been a huge Tom Cruise fan at the movies. I grew up watching him and drooling over him in Risky Business, Taps, The Outsiders, Cocktail, The Color of Money and so many others…

But these days I have kind of lost that Tom Cruise Mojo. I just feel that too much of his personal life I am seeing effect others and it is hard for me to get past that when going to the movies.
What do you think?  Can you get past a actors personal life when it rubs you the wrong way?

Check out his photos below!

  • Tom Cruise 1 of 15
    Tom Cruise
    A fan is loving all the attention Tom is giving her!
  • The Smile! 2 of 15
    The Smile!
    That smile is infectious!
  • Glowing 3 of 15
    Tom really looks like he is in his element!
  • Serious Side! 4 of 15
    Serious Side!
    Tom really can be serious!! Right?
  • The Wave! 5 of 15
    The Wave!
    I am sure all those fans are swooning over that wave!!
  • It is Time! 6 of 15
    It is Time!
    How do you think it feels to be in another country and seeing all your fans?
  • The Outfit! 7 of 15
    The Outfit!
    A little surprised to see Tom in a Puffy coat on the red carpet!
  • Love! 8 of 15
    They love him!!
  • Eating it up! 9 of 15
    Eating it up!
    So many autographs!
  • Tom Cruise 10 of 15
    Tom Cruise
    Tom really looks proud to be there today!
  • GQ! 11 of 15
    This is definitely a GQ moment!
  • Enough! 12 of 15
    Someone has to get him to his cast mates!
  • Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike 13 of 15
    Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike
    They seem happy to see each other!
  • Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike 14 of 15
    Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike
    Rosamund Pike is GORGEOUS!!!
  • Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike and Christopher McQuarrie 15 of 15
    Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike and Christopher McQuarrie
    The stars of the night!!!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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