Tom Cruise Is The Beckhams' Marriage Counselor


david-victoria-beckham-familyAre David and Victoria Beckham on the list of celebrities whose relationships are on the rocks? Apparently so, and they’re reportedly seeking relationship advice from Tom Cruise.

“After an evening with David, Tom decided to have a friendly chat with Victoria about the family’s future, saying it was because he cared so much about all of them,” revealed a source.

“They love each other dearly but Tom is a big believer in talking about issues . He could see they were both worried about the future and what it might hold.”

“He talked to her about David aging, his football career, the pressures of disgruntled fans, his loneliness when away from the family and how time apart is how marriages can fall apart,” adds the source.

Apparently, the stress of being superstars, dealing with angry LA fans talking smack, and raising 3 young boys is really getting to Posh and Becks. I think it would probably drive any normal person crazy.

Forget for just a moment about the rumors that say Tom and Katie are in big trouble, would you really want Tom Cruise to be your marriage counselor?

I guess he’s logged a lot of marital experience and he’s only had two divorces so far, so he’s pretty well qualified. Oh yeah, and he’s into Scientology, so he knows all sorts of secret marital techniques.