Tom Cruise & Jennifer Lopez's MTV Movie Awards Dance: Cool Or Embarrassing? (Video)


Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez got down with their bad selves at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, performing a dance number to a song by Ludacris. The audience loved it, but did their kids?  Will Emme, Max and Suri think this is cool or totally embarrassing some time in the near, playground gossiping future?

I’m going to say they probably think it’s cool. Tom, who usually comes off as a pretty serious guy when it comes to Scientology-related Xenu-ness, appears to be a fun-loving goofball with the reprise of his character from Tropic of Thunder, Les Grossman. Katie Holmes, shown in a cut away shot smiling and clapping, clearly enjoyed the number J. Lo, as always, looked amazing.

But then again, kids are embarrassed by everything their parents do so who knows. Click through to view.

Tom comes in at around 1:18. J. Lo follows.