Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Celebrated Anniversary Ice Skating With Suri in Pittsburgh

tom cruise katie holmes suri
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Suri.

Last Friday was an important day for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, as the couple celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversary. They’ve certainly come a long way since they tied the knot in Italy five years ago, and their beautiful daughter, Suri, is no doubt their greatest accomplishment.

Tom is currently filming the movie, “One Shot” in Pittsburgh, and instead of he and Katie jetting off alone somewhere for their anniversary, they instead spent the evening with Suri at an ice skating rink in the heart of the city.

You can see a photo of the family skating here. They appeared to be having a wonderful time…and no one was bothering them.

Back in late September, the Cruise family visited a local pumpkin patch in Wexford, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh, and managed to take a hay ride and stroll the grounds without anyone even realizing it was them. That must be such a nice change from being constantly followed by photographers in New York and Los Angeles!

Pittsburgh is my hometown, and seeing these images of Tom, Katie, and Suri just reminds me even more of how much I miss it and would love to move back there someday!