Tom Cruise Still Wants His Daughter Suri To Be A Scientologist

Suri Cruise

I’m starting to really feel for Suri Cruise. And not just because her parents are super famous people that are always in the tabloids and that she has to deal with the paparazzi everywhere she goes, but because life has to be very confusing for her. I mean, to be a Catholic and a Scientologist is like being a Democrat and a Texan and having Ralph Nader be a distant uncle of yours. The math just doesn’t add up.

Anyhoo, there are new blog rumors suggesting that Tom Cruise isn’t giving up on his 6-year-old daughter just yet and despite the fact that her mom Katie Holmes has enrolled her into a prestigious Catholic school in Manhattan, Tom is still trying to pre-register with a spot on that SeaOrg with other Scientologist kids. I know, it’s like are you supposed to do the right thing and spy on your parents or do the other right thing and say your Hail Mary’s after watching a marathon of Italian Catholics at their best in The Jersey Shore

Well, from what we’re hearing, Tom has either two choices: to either disconnect from his daughter all together since she doesn’t follow his religion anymore or try and convince her to be a Scientologist. It worked with his older two kids, Connor and Isabella Cruise, so maybe he still has a chance with Suri? What do you guys think?

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