Tom Cruise's Motocycle Accident!


tom_cruise_and_cameron_diaz_what_a_couplePersonally, motorcycles scare me. So if the father of my children opted to go out in traffic on two wheels, I’d be none too thrilled. And I’m pretty sure plenty of agents, publicists, and managers aren’t too stoked to see their A-list actors take to the streets on a bike either.

These daddy stars have not only oodles of people’s livelihoods on the line but they have children depending on them too.  One of the dads who like to zoom around the traffic filled streets of LA? Tom Cruise.  And Tom, he had himself a wee bit of an accident over the weekend.  What happened?

He was going through an intersection when a SUV did a big no-no and ran a stop sign.  Tom tried to avoid being hit and in the process his Ducati motorcycle spun out. An witness said, “It was like a scene from ‘Mission Impossible.”

Tom was able to get to his feet but was seen limping after his fall and waited outside of the KOI restaurant on La Cienega for the paramedics to arrive. The good news is that Tom is reportedly a-okay.  Wonder is Katie’s going to try to curtail his motorcycle riding?

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