Tom Cruise's Son To Star In Red Dawn Remake


tom-and-connor-cruiseSure, having celebrity parents tends to screw up a lots of kids, but it does sometimes have its benefits. Like for instance, say you want to star in a remake of that totally awesome movie about high school kids fighting back against the invading Soviets, Red Dawn. That’s one of the benefits Connor Cruise has reaped from his father’s star power.

14 year-old Connor is set to play Daryl, the youngest teenage freedom fighter, in a remake of the cult classic, due out in September 2010. In just a few short weeks, Tom and Nicole Kidman will send their adopted son off to undergo military training at an undisclosed location with the rest of the cast. Crazy right? I’m getting kinda jealous here.

Connor made his first appearance on the big screen last year, playing a young Will Smith in Seven Pounds. Will was probably pulling for his own son Jaden to get cast in that role.

I wonder if Tom and Katie will encourage Suri to go into the family business acting?