Tom Goes Home, Leaves Katie And Suri Behind


tom-cruis-katie-suriNot to make it sound more ominous than it really is, after a weekend together in Melbourne, Tom Cruise has come back to the US without his wife and daughter. Apparently, he’s working on pre-production for a new movie in Boston while Katie is still shooting Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark in Australia. That’s how the story goes anyway.

I don’t necessarily buy into the rumors that Katie is trying to work up the courage to leave Tom, but I could understand why she’d want out of that whole controlling Scientology/marriage contract thing and hide out in Australia.

What I’m really interested in is why did he leave Suri in Australia? I don’t know how celebrity parents manage to jet all over the globe and still see their kids, but if Tom is in Boston doing “pre-production” while Katie is in Melbourne shooting a film, who’s in a better position to take care of Suri? It’s Tom, right? Just saying.

Maybe Katie didn’t want to let Suri go? I imagine that the same super nanny follows Suri wherever the celebrity child jet sets, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal.