Tom Kat Do Mission Impossible: Baby Bumps? Face Lifts? Oh My! (Photos)

Is Something Odd About TomKat?

If these photos were taken a couple months ago, there wouldn’t be much to say. It would basically be, “here is Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise going to a movie premiere, they are dressed up.” But now? Now. we can’t help but not just glance at the photos but analyze them. Is Katie Holmes pregnant? Are the tiers of her dresses trying to disguise the first trimester? And what happened to Tom Cruise’s face? Why does he look so different? Did the 49-year-old actor get plastic surgery to try to look younger? So, so many questions!  At least Katie didn’t have that red bag with her and Suri was thankfully at home.

Check out the photos from the premier right here and see for yourself. Baby bump and/or face lift? Or neither?

  • Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise On the Red Carpet 1 of 7
    Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise On the Red Carpet
    The two brought their star power to the premier of Tom's newest film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.
  • Tom Assists Katie in Walking 2 of 7
    Tom Assists Katie in Walking
    Tom, always the gentleman.
  • Katie Gets a Bit Racy Again! 3 of 7
    Katie Gets a Bit Racy Again!
    Her top is sheer or it could just be the bright lights of the camera flashes.
  • Are Tiers Hiding Something 4 of 7
    Are Tiers Hiding Something
    Something about that dress seems off. Not really a Katie style, and the tiers can easily hide the begining of a baby bump.
  • Strking a Pose 5 of 7
    Strking a Pose
    Katie celebrated her birthday yesterday, it's been a big week for the power couple.
  • Katie Solo! 6 of 7
    Katie Solo!
    Is she hiding something?
  • Tom Solo! 7 of 7
    Tom Solo!
    Seriously, doesn't his face look different.