Tommy Lee Very Excited Cops Shut Down Rave He Threw for His Son


Rocker Tommy Lee is a bad ass, so it’s no surprise he wants to raise his son to be the same. In honor of his son Brandon’s 14th birthday, the Motley Crue drummer felt it would be a good idea to throw and out-of-control rave. Just how out-of-control? The cops were called. Three times!

By the third visit from the po-po, the fete was shut down. 

“Brandon just turned 14 and he goes, ‘Dad, for my birthday I wanna throw a rave.’ He took over this place, I bought a huge sound system, lights, Glo-sticks…The cops came three times and he was so pumped,” Tommy told Extra.  “He was like, ‘Dad, this is the coolest thing; my party got closed down by the cops.”

You would think mom Pamela Anderson would step in and be the voice of reason. This isn’t the first wild party Tommy’s thrown for Brandon. During his 5th birthday a child drowned. A negligence suit was brought against Tommy by the boy’s parents, but he was found not guilty.

Being more cautious is obviously not in the cards. I hope i get invited to Brandon’s 16th. It’s going to be a rager!


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