Tony Danza's Who's The Boss Co-Star: Where Is Child Star Danny Pintauro Now?

danny pintauro
What ever happened to Danny Pintauro, Tony Danzas former co-star?

Tony Danza’s “Teach,” a reality show about the “Taxi” actor becoming an English teacher, premieres tonight on A&E. So where is Danza’s former “Boss” co-star Danny Pintauro now? Well, like Danza, he’s mostly moved beyond acting, despite spending eight years playing Jonathan Bower on the beloved early ’80s sitcom. These days Pintauro is a Tupperware salesman! I don’t know what’s more surprising, that one of my favorite childhood actors is selling Tupperware or that there are still Tupperware salesmen out there. The last time I heard anyone utter the words “Tupperware party,” “Who’s the Boss” was still on the air.
Anyway, if you want to get really trippy, you can invite Pintauro to your home for a party, where he’ll sing the praises of Tupperware and maybe, if you are lucky, sing you the “Who’s the Boss” theme song, which totally rules. (OK, I don’t know for sure if he will sing it maybe to make a sale.)
Daniel, as he’s now called, is based in Southern California, and his bio on the Tupperware site  doesn’t mention his “Who’s the Boss” past props to him for not trading on his Hollywood fame. Even so, it appears that a recent mention by Perez Hilton drove a ton of traffic to his Tupperware site.
On Pintauro’s new Facebook page, the 1997 Stanford graduate noted that he got 20,000 hits. That’s a whole lot of Tupperware.


Photo: Facebook

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