Tony Parker Cheating - Why Did The NBA Star File for Divorce in Texas?


eva longoria tony parker divorceTony Parker is protecting his Assets! 

For most people seeking a divorce, it only takes one party to file the official papers with the other party acting as the respondant.  In the ongoing divorce saga of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, we have two divorce filings in two different states. 

Why did Tony Parker file for divorce?

While Tony Parker is saying all the right things publicly, his legal moves are starting to point to a nasty divorce fight with Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria.

“This was not meant to escalate things,” a source close to Parker tells People magazine. “He filed his own papers to protect his rights during the proceeding. … They are still committed to working this out together amicably.”

Amicably apparently means protecting his own assets by filing for the divorce in a state that can rush through divorces in a hurry.  While both Texas and California (where Eva filed) are community property states, Texas has a much shorter waiting period for finalizing a divorce — the period is six months in California and only two in Texas. Since Tony just signed a $50 million contract extension, the timing of the divorce and the couple’s separation date can have significant impact on the calculation of communal property.  In his filing, Parker also conveniently forgot to mention that the couple has a pre-nup in place that will have a significant impact on the division of the couple’s assets.   It’s now up to the two courts to decide which state will have the privilege of presiding over the increasingly nasty divorce.

What do you think of Tony Parker’s divorce filing in Texas?

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