Tony Parker Cheating With Brent Barry's Wife, Erin Barry: Are Tony And Erin Already Dating?

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Are Erin Barry and Tony Parker Already A Couple?

Tony Parker has been cheating on wife, Eva Longoria, and she has filed for divorce. The woman that Tony Parker cheated with is Erin Barry, who also happens to be Brent Barry’s wife, Tony Parker’s teammate! Erin Barry and Brent Barry are also in the process of getting divorced, so we can’t help but wonder, will Erin Barry and Tony Parker start dating now that their marriages are over? Or are Tony Parker and Erin Barry already a couple?

Eva Longoria found out that Tony Parker was cheating with Erin Barry after she found text messages between the two on Tony’s cell phone.

Did Erin Barry start hooking up with Tony Parker before or after she and Brent Barry decided to get divorced? Could it be that Erin and Brent Barry divorced because she was already planning on starting a new life with Tony Parker?

Tony Parker has cheated on Eva Longoria in the past, so there’s a good chance that he will also cheat on Erin Barry if they are, in fact, dating.

I’d say the odds of Tony Parker settling down and starting a family someday are slim to none, whether he and Erin Barry are together or not!

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