Tony Parker Cheating With Brent Barry's Wife: What About Her Kids?


tony parker cheating

Tony Parker has reportedly been cheating on his wife of three years, Eva Longoria, with the wife of his former teammate Brent Barry.   The woman in question, Erin Barry, is currently divorcing her husband and is planning to move out of the family home very soon.

While it is all quite scandalous and a lot of fun for us to read about, Erin and Brent Barry are the parents of two young children – Quinn, 9, and Cade, 4. 

What’s going to happen to Erin Barry’s kids following the Tony Parker cheating scandal?

While Erin Barry and Tony Parker are facing allegations of an illicit affair, it really doesn’t matter if it was a matter of texting or full-on cheating her kids are going to pay the ultimate price.  They woke up this morning with parents who were going through a divorce and ended the day with their lives being played out in the worldwide media.

It’s truly time for Erin Barry to stop thinking about Tony Parker and start thinking about her kids. 

Photo: PR Photos