Tony Parker Erin Barry: Video Predicts Tony Parker Erin Barry Affair?

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Tony Parker & Erin Barry Made Video Together In 2009

Tony Parker and Erin Barry have created quite the scandal after sending racy text messages to each other, which sparked rumors of an affair and led to Tony Parker’s divorce from Eva Longoria. Did a video made in 2009 featuring Tony Parker, Erin Barry, and Eva Longoria predict the affair between Tony and Erin?

Back in 2009, Tony Parker, Erin Barry, and Eva Longoria made a “Grease” video singing “Summer Nights”, with Tony Parker acting as Danny, Eva Longoria as Sandy, and Erin Barry as a girl who appears to be Rizzo. You can watch the video below to see the three of them together.

About halfway through the video, Erin Barry appears in a pink outfit wearing sunglasses, and proceeds to kick Eva Longoria (Sandy) off a picnic table bench. Was this a prediction that Erin Barry would also kick Eva Longoria out of her marriage to Tony Parker?

Tony Parker and Erin Barry both lost their spouses over the cheating scandal, and Erin broke up her family.

Watch the video clip below and decide for yourself whether the Tony Parker Erin Barry affair was inevitable.