Tony Parker Erin Barry: Will Tony Parker's Mistress Regret Sending Text Messages?

tony parker mistress erin barry
Will Tony Parker's Mistress Erin Barry Regret Text Messages?

Tony Parker and Erin Barry are both going through divorces after it was discovered that they were sending racy text messages to each other. Though Tony Parker claims that things never got physical, it is highly speculated that Erin Barry was Tony Parker’s mistress.

Now that this scandal has taken over the news, will Erin Barry regret exchanging text messages with Tony Parker? Erin Barry is Brent Barry’s wife, and they have two children together. Will she feel remorse for giving into temptation and becoming Tony Parker’s mistress? Her kids will eventually hear about what happened between their mom and Tony Parker, if they haven’t already.

Tony Parker and Erin Barry may have both been having problems in their marriages, but I’m guessing that Erin wishes she never sent those text messages. Hindsight’s 20/20.