Tony Parker Mistress - It's Really Hard to Feel Sorry for Erin Barry


tony parker mistressYesterday Erin Barry woke up a relative unknown who was best known as the wife of former NBA star Brent Barry.  Today she is the center of a media storm and holed up in her Hermosa Beach home hiding from the world as the woman at the center of the Tony Parker cheating scandal.

Despite the fact that she is being held a relative captive in her home my the flood of media camped outside her home and her face pops up when you type in the words ‘tony parker mistress’ into google, it is really hard to feel sorry for Erin Barry.

From the outside she may appear to be an innocent victim of Tony Parker’s cheating ways, but Erin Barry is as much to blame for the unwanted attention as her former texting partner.    Even if their relationship only consisted of texting illicit messages back and forth, they were both married at the time.  It was complete disrespect to her own marriage, to Tony Parker’s marriage, and to her two children at home.   She brought on the media attention by her own actions, now Erin Barry will have to hide out in her house and deal with the fallout from her actions!

Do you feel sorry for the alleged Tony Parker mistress, Erin Barry?