Too Cute! A Gallery Of Gabriel Aubry With His Daughter Nahla (Photos)


Because it’s been awhile since your ovaries have felt like bursting, right? I for one am completely relieved that Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have finally come to terms and are settling their differences in their custody battle for the sake of their 4-year-old daughter, Nahla. While I’m sure Gabriel could have benefited a little bit more to just have his medical and legal expenses paid by Halle after the horrific beat-down he received by her boyfriend Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving day, he sure does come out of this looking like the nicest and most reasonable guy, ever. I’m no fan of French pit bulls, but boy if one bit me, I’d not only be running for the hills, but I’d make sure that would never happen to me again!

Check out our photo gallery of Gabriel and Nahla and tell us, aren’t they the cutest (and most beautiful) daddy and daughter duo you’ve ever seen? Nahla is one lucky little girl to have a father who has fought so hard to keep her in his life. As we all know too well, that doesn’t happen very often, now does it?

  • Gabriel Aubry 1 of 7
    Gabriel Aubry
    Hands-on dad Gabriel Aubry is all smiles as he picks up his adorable 4-year-old daughter Nahla from school.
  • Daddy And Me 2 of 7
    Daddy And Me
    Model Gabriel Aubry spends quality time with his daughter Nahla at a park in Los Angeles.
  • School Time 3 of 7
    School Time
    Gabriel Aubry is seen picking up his daughter Nahla from school after mom Halle Berry dropped her off this morning.
  • Staying Close 4 of 7
    Staying Close
    Gabriel Aubry, ex-boyfriend of Halle Berry, picks up their daughter Nahla after a day at school.
  • Happy To See Dad! 5 of 7
    Happy To See Dad!
    Gabriel Aubry picks up his excited daughter Nahla at school in Los Angeles.
  • Fun Times 6 of 7
    Fun Times
    Gabriel Aubry picks up his excited daughter Nahla at school in Los Angeles.
  • Priority 7 of 7
    Model Gabriel Aubry picks up his daughter Nahla from school in Los Angeles. Aubry has said on more than a few occasions that his daughter is his priority and shows that first hand as he cheerfully carries the preschooler to the car.

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