Too Sexy for 7 Year Olds? The Single Ladies Girls Are Back and So Are Their Boyfriends


I don’t know about you, but I was hoping that the footage of that young dance troop shakin’, shimmin’ and getting’ down to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” was just a fluke. A one time performance that was a unique event in its’ saucy and salacious nature. But no, these young girls have gotten raunchy with their routines before. This time with …a dance to a cover of ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’.

The girls, yet again, are dancing to a song that isn’t age appropriate. What seven-year-old has a boyfriend? And what seven-year-olds are worried about their reputation? The dance features similar moves that were in the ‘Single Ladies’ video. Pelvic thrusts, off the hook shaking and yes, totally inappropriate outfits. This time the girls wore neon hued glitter two-piece outfits with thigh high stockings.  The outfits are much more like what would be worn in a traveling production of ‘Sweet Charity’ than for a trio of seven-year-olds. The parents and representatives of the dance competition continue to say that the girls aren’t doing anything provocative but the marriage of the outfits, the song choices and the moves aren’t a good fit for such young dancers. There are surely other ways, other songs, and other outfits that could highlight their amazing talents.

Check it out below. Do you think it’s totally un-age appropriate or just part of the dance competition culture?


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