Top 10 Cutest Pics Of The Week


Celebrity kids did a ton of cute kid stuff this week, namely being adorable.

Jesscia and Honor Marie got up close and personal with some organic canned beans at Whole Foods on Earth Day, Maddox and Shiloh indulged their sweet tooth, Olive made contact with mom Isla Fisher’s pregnant belly, and we caught sight of some rarely seen A-list kids.

Take a look! 

Meg Ryan walked with her daughter. Hopefully, though not likely, to a Harry Potter casting.

Peter Andre’s kids with ex-wife Katie Price rode matching his and hers suitcases. A+ for creativity. 

Jessica Parker’s little one made me wish children had real-life thought bubbles. “I’m flying!” followed by “Seriously grownups, how do you not know whether I am Tabitha or Marion. Really?”

Marcia Cross taught her kids how to tricycle and taught me how to balance a ton of bags while teaching kids to tricycle.

Olive eyed mom Isla Fisher’s  baby bump.  Was it the stank eye or some friendly telecommunication?

Shiloh and Pax are ice cream junkies…

but they’ve got nothing on this hardcore biker jacket!

Rare sighting! Julianna Moore’s kids Caleb and Liv were spotted with dad Bart Freundlich.

Kingston Rossdale went all rock-n-roll, all the time.