Top Chef All Stars Deep Fries for Paula Deen


The Top Chef All-Stars had to cook with a deep fryer for the quickfire challenge judged by Paula Deen.  “If you can eat, you can fry it,” says Paula.  Definitely not a healthy challenge, but it’s a fun one!

There was a little drama when Richard said that Mike stole a dish from the notebook Richard keeps during the competition.

Dale and Carla were on the bottom. Antonia was Paula’s favorite but she couldn’t win because she only put up one dish.  “I could come over there, put you over my knee, and whip your cute little ass. Why did you not follow the rules?” is what Paula Deen had to say to her.

Richard’s fried mayo and Mike’s “stolen” dish were the top two, with Mike winning the quickfire challenge on tonight’s Top Chef All-Stars.

John Besh and Paula Deen would both be guest judges for the elimination challenge.  The two were hosting a fundraiser and the chefs had to cook gulf-inspired seafood.  The eliminated chefs came back to help out with the challenge.

Antonia, Richard, and Mike had the top dishes for this Top Chef elimination challenge.  Richard won tonight’s challenge and a trip to Barbados.

The rest of the chefs had to go in to judges’ table: Dale, Carla, and Tiffany.  Dale was the one to go home. We actually saw him cry! It was shocking to see him go home from Top Chef All-Stars.