Top Chef All Stars: Who Will Win Top Chef?


top chef winnerOn tonight’s Top Chef All-Stars, we found out who the final three chefs are: Richard, Antonia, and Mike.

Richard is no surprise at all. From the start of the competition, I have been saying that he would make it to the finals. Though, I was also hoping that Fabio would be in the finals, so what do I know? I still wish he were there. I’m rooting for him for Fan Favorite.

Antonia is a little bit of a surprise and Mike definitely is! Though, Mike Isabella is on a roll right now. That confidence might be enough to carry him to a shocking Top Chef win.

Who will win Top Chef All-Stars?

My money is on Richard. He seems to want this more than the other chefs and is the most determined. And there is no denying that he creates fabulous dishes.  He just needs to not choke in the finale this time around.

Who do you think will win Top Chef All Stars?