Top Chef All Stars Winner: Did the Right Chef Win?


who won top chef all starsLast night was the season finale of Top Chef All Stars, where we found out who won Top Chef.

I already said that it’s possible that Fabio Viviani was robbed of the title of Fan Favorite, but what about the big winner? Should Richard Blais have won Top Chef All Stars?

Richard Blais was always a favorite to win the title of Top Chef All Stars.  Mike Isabella even making it to the final two was a shock.

So, despite Mike having a good run at the end, I think that Richard deserved it more. On Watch What Happens last night, they took a viewer poll and over 80% of the voters said that Richard did deserve to win.

All of us have our opinions, despite never having tasted the chef’s food! Do you think Richard deserved to win Top Chef All Stars?