Top Chefs Padma is Pregnant!


1254411277_padma-lakshmi-290After speculations that there was a bit of a baby bump visible under her tight fitting gown at the Emmy’s, Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi has confirmed to US Weekly that she is indeed pregnant. Many may have just thought her swollen tummy may have been from all the food she feasts on during the taping of the show. She has claimed she gains about 10 pounds per season. But this is more than too much foie gras and French fries. It’s a baby!

The stunning model, author and Emmy nominated celebrity has not divulged who the father is. Some have thought that Manu Nathan could be the Dad, but her rep has said no, no, no…’cos Manu is her cousin. Padma was previously married to the famed novelist Salman Rushdie but divorced after three years.

And her pregnancy may have been a bit of a surprise. Padma has struggled with endometriosis she even co founded the Endometriosis Foundation of America. A rep stated that, “As a result of her condition, this pregnancy has been referred to by her physician as nothing short of a medical miracle, and due to its delicate nature, we ask/implore the press to respect Ms. Lakshmi’s privacy at this time.”

Eagle eyed Trix totally called it! Congrats Padma!