Top Gun 2: Tom Cruise's Chance For A Comeback?


The cameo is a good way to make a comeback.  Mike Tyson did it and Mel Gibson wanted a go before being fired from The Hangover 2. Tom Cruise, whose career hasn’t been the same since Mission Impossible, had a small part in Tropic of Thunder as dancing, crass movie director Les Grossman.  It helped him for awhile, giving him some Internet buzz and a spot on the MTV Movie Awards, but it didn’t have a lasting impact.

So why not try it again?  Tom is slated for a cameo role in the newly announced Top Gun 2 and this time, it just may work.

Why will this be different? Because we all loved Tom in this role. He solidified his place in our collective hearts as Maverick. He’ll have the chance to remind us of why we adored him, before the Scientology and couch jumping and weird personal decisions.

To remind you, here is the 1986 trailer. Fingers crossed that Val Kilmer will also get a cameo in the sequel.