Top Gun 2 Trailer: Maverick Rules The Skies Again (Video)

Tom Cruise Top Gun 2
Tom Cruise Reprises "Maverick" Role In Top Gun 2

It has finally been confirmed that Top Gun 2 is definitely in the works, though an official trailer has yet to be released. It was first reported that Tom Cruise, who made a name for himself as “Maverick” in the first Top Gun movie would play a small role in Top Gun 2.

New reports are saying that Tom Cruise will actually reprise his Maverick role as the lead in the Top Gun 2 film. Won’t it be exciting to see him as Maverick again for the first time when the Top Gun 2 trailer is released?

Top Gun 2 will be directed by Tony Scott and will be released sometime in 2012. The plot of the film will supposedly be about the rise of the drone aircraft and end of the fighter pilot era.

Here is a video to wet your palate until the Top Gun 2 trailer comes out.