Tori And Dean Celebrate Liam's 3rd B-Day


Sunday was a special day at Spelling-McDermott household. Not only was yesterday Liam’s birthday, it was the day in which Tori and Dean revealed to Liam and Stella that their family possess crime-fighting super powers. Not really.

However, true superhero greatness was in the house, because Batman and Spiderman showed up to help get the party started right.

Looks like Liam must be going through the superhero phase. Hey, we’ve all been there at one time, right? From the looks of the cake, I’d say Liam’s more into Spidey these days.

I don’t know who they hired to wear those costumes, or how much they got paid, but those dudes look like really good sports… I love watching adults parade around in costumes at kids’ parties. It’s just hilarious for some reason. Anyways, they earned their money with these pics.


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