Tori And Dean's Children Will Be "Props" For 5th Season


tori-dean-liam-stellaIs Tori’s health in decline? Has Tori and Dean’s marriage reached its breaking point? The bigwigs at Oxygen are apparently not too worried, they’ve renewed Tori & Dean for a 5th season starting in spring of 2010. Guess that means that Candy Spelling will have to publicly slam her daughter’s parenting choices for at least another season.

If you’ll remember, Candy took her feud with Tori to a whole new level in July when she posted a long rant about her daughter’s reality show, alleging that Tori & Dean are using their kids like “props” on the show.

Tori, on the other hand, thinks the show is a great opportunity for her family to get a paycheck. Either way, Tori & Dean don’t seem to be on the path that Jon & Kate went down, so I’m not nearly as worried about the show’s effects on their family. To be fair, their show’s a lot less popular.

Says Tori:

“This has given us the amazing opportunity to reach our fans who have become our friends in such an intimate and unique way. It’s an honor to bring our living room into theirs.”