Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott's Son Knows All About Their "Fun Times"

Tori and her kids

Liam McDermott is one smart cookie. That, or his parents need to turn off True Blood whenever he’s in the room.

According to Tori Spelling, she says that Liam approached her and said that he knows that his mommy and daddy “are having sex.” Let me remind you that the little tyke is just 5-years-old.

Tori blogs about the conversation she had with her son and quotes him as saying:

“Mommy and daddy I know you have sex!” Liam says. “I’m gonna hide under your bed and videotapes it and then you’ll say ‘Liam you’re right, we have sex.'”

Tori then goes on to ask her fans at what age they had the birds and the bees talk with their kids. While it’s great that Tori is being very honest with her son, he is just 5-years-old now! How did he even learn the word to begin with? I know that with my own 4-year-old I’ve just started censoring my own conversations but it looks like Tori and Dean need to do more than just that. What do you think, Babble readers?