Tori Spelling and Husband Committed to Family


The whispers that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are headed for divorce court are not true, and the couple is very committed to their family, insists Tori.  So what caused the rumor mill to start swirling in the first place?  Their reality tv program, Tori & Dean, of course.

Says Tori: “We have our fights. We have our ups and downs. It’s a real relationship … Some issues have come up this season, and the cameras were there to catch it. And I’m happy to put that out there to my fans, because we’re a normal, relatable couple. We’re not perfect, and things happen.”

Also? Sometimes Tori wishes she were a regular old soccer mom for kids Liam, 3, and Stella, 22 months.

“I know show business has been my life, and I love doing it. But I have this other side that wants to be the soccer mom and wants to live in a small town and take my kids in the carpool and be at home and cook dinner every night. … I kind of wish I had both, that I could balance both.”

Can’t she do both?  I mean, I think footage of Tori Spelling carting kids around and cooking dinner would be a real crowd pleaser. But what do I know?

And, how are relations with her sometimes-estranged mother doing?

“It’s a work in progress, but it’s great … She sees the grandkids all the time. She loves them, they’re taken by her. So we’re just working towards improving our relationship.”