Tori Spelling Blogs: Son Liam Doesn't Like Her Changing in Front of Him

Tori Spelling topless twitter photo
Tori Spelling blogs about Liam

After Dean McDermott posted a topless photo of Tori Spelling on Twitter, it seems hilarious that just a couple of days ago she was blogging about how her son, Liam, doesn’t want her to change in front of him anymore.

Tori writes: “As I was changing the other evening, Liam shrieked, covered his eyes, and said: ‘Oh no! I do NOT need to see that! Get that out of my face. That huge thing sitting on top of your legs. Your butt is ginormous.'”

Spelling notes that “Changing in front of my kids always seemed so natural and normal. After all they are just toddlers, and I did make them from this body. But, for the first time I think I blushed and quickly covered up. Is this it? At four years old, is Liam now too old for me to be changing in front of him?”

Hmmm… after seeing Tori Spelling’s boobs in that photo on Twitter, it looks like she hasn’t been covering up in front of Liam just yet!

She may want to rethink the whole nudity in front of the kids thing…

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