Tori Spelling Covers Baby Bump With Purse: Isn't That Uncomfortable?


Tori Spelling was spotted sporting a purse resting on top of her baby bump. Due later this year with her third child, perhaps she was even unaware that the purse was resting right there.

Surely, she is not trying to shy away from displaying the baby bump. Just this past Memorial Day weekend she was sporting a white bikini on the beach and baring it all, which she should. Tori doesn’t seemed concerned about what people think of her pregnancy look- kudos to her! The days of pregnant moms hiding their bellies is long gone.

What I don’t get is the comfort factor. I was very aware of my ever-growing belly when I was pregnant and it felt uncomfortable to have anything on it. A purse resting to the front would have felt awkward.

But it looks like Tori was hurrying along on her way and probably didn’t even notice the purse draped in front of her. After all, with baby number three on the way, she is one busy mama.

Images: PCN Photo

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