Tori Spelling Creates Fabulous New Site for Moms!

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Tori Spelling launches her web magazine today

Tori Spelling is a mom to 2 with another on the way.  She’s always on the go and yet still manages to look fabulous all the time!

Want some of her tips? Tori Spelling created a website where she will share some with you!

Tori describes ediTORIal by saying, “The idea for this website came from my desire to share ideas and inspiration for elevating everyday life. From crafts to entertaining, I love to be creative, and everything I do, from wrapping a gift, to writing a grocery list, to planning a surprise party, has a stylish, yet personalized feel to it. It’s possible to approach all areas of life this way, and living artfully doesn’t cost a thing – except a little creativity.”

From style to food to mommyhood, Tori will be sharing her tips with us! Check out the launch of ediTORIal!

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