Tori Spelling's Doctor Knows For Sure If She's Having a Boy or Girl!

Tori Spelling pregnant
Tori Spelling still says she doesn't want to know what she is having!

Yesterday, Tori Spelling had an ultrasound and her doctor definitely knows if she is having a boy or a girl.  Tori’s third baby cooperated and let the doctor get a good look.

Yet, Tori still says that she isn’t going to find out the baby’s sex until the baby is born!

“Had 2nd tri preg screening 2day. Dr. Said he 100% knows sex. Tempted but dnt find out. Altho @Mehranfarhat kept trying2 trick dr n2 telling!” Tori tweeted.

I don’t think I could stand not knowing! My first baby didn’t cooperate until about six weeks before he was born.  But, with my other two, I absolutely wanted to know as early as possible if I was having a boy or a girl.

Then again, I had all boys while Tori Spelling already has one of each, so maybe that is her reasoning.

Make your prediction: is it a boy or a girl for Tori Spelling?

Photo: PRPhotos

Boy or girl, this baby will be a Spoiled Rotten Celeb Kid!