Tori Spelling: Doesn't Want Another Child because of Weight Gain?


Many people will agree that Tori Spelling is very slim.   An insider told HollywoodLife that she loves the way she looks and doesn’t want to gain any weight.

The insider said that Tori is “so weight conscious that she doesn’t want to have another child for fear of blowing up like a balloon. She’s afraid that she’ll gain too much pregnancy weight and not be able to lose it.”

But Tori recently said that she does want a third child.  

Her husband, Dean McDermott, said he wants to have another baby with Tori as soon as possible.  Dean’s dirt bike accident in June made him realize what’s important.  His wife and kids.  “I would say that I love my family so much, let’s expand it! Plus, we make beautiful babies!”

So will Tori and Dean have another child?

Dean has said that his accident was a reality check for him and insists that they have more children as soon as possible.  Will Tori agree?