Tori Spelling Dresses Her Kids Up In Horror Outfits

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Tori Spelling decks her kids out in horror costumes.

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tori Spelling is throwing a “38 Is SCARY” party in honor her birthday Monday (May 16). And all the guests must dress up in horror movie attire, including her two kids, Liam and Stella.

Liam, 4, is decked out in an outfit paying homage to the infamous “Chuckie” while Stella, 2, is dressed as the “Bride of Chuckie.”

And what did mom Tori dress as? Rosemary’s baby!

How do you like the costumes? I think they are super creative and too good to be true. If only I had killer (no pun intended) costumes like this when I was younger.

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[Photo via Twitter.]