Tori Spelling Family Vacation in Vegas: Son is Partied Out!

tori spelling pregnant
Tori Spelling's son Liam is worn out!

Tori Spelling and family headed to Vegas yesterday. One last family vacation as a family of four before the baby joins them, perhaps?

Or maybe just one last trip to Vegas before baby’s arrival.  We still wish Tori would change her mind and decide to let her doctor tell her what she is having!

Another son like adorable Liam? Check out what he said about being on vacation:

Tori asked him what he’d like to drink and Liam replied, “I’m on vacation. I’d like a Shirley Temple.”

How cute is that? Later, Tori tweeted “Guess his Shirley Temple did him in! Crashed out by the pool Vegas Style. #HangOverToddlersEdition”

Photo: Twitter

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