Tori Spelling Funny or Die Hoarders Video: Dean and the Kids in on the Joke!

Tori Spelling FunnyorDie hoarders parody video
Tori Spelling in FunnyorDie Hoarders parody video

Tori Spelling appears pre-pregnancy in this FunnyorDie “Hoarders” parody video, and even husband Dean and the kids, Liam and Stella, are part of the joke!

In “Hoarders: Untold sTori,” Tori Spelling is shown with a significant hoarding problem. Not hoarding “stuff” or even pets – no, Tori is hoarding gays!

Spelling has a huge problem, but she gets help to clean up her place and even shuffle some of the stuff hiding in her closet (hee!) into a moving truck and out of her life.

Tori’s given the choice to choose just one gay and it’s a tough decision – but ultimately she chooses celeb dad Clay Aiken!

Check out Tori’s kids about mid-video, as they play a small role in the fun too. Is Tori setting her kids up for a childhood acting career?!

Tori just attended the premiere of “Hoarders: Untold sTori” at Outfest 2011’s Gay & Lesbian film festival and the video just hit at midnight.

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