Tori Spelling: Glow In The Dark DIY Art Experience With Her Kids (Photo)


Tori Spelling has to be one of the most entertaining celebrity mothers in the business. And let’s not forget the most creative and crafty, too! The television actress has shared a new photo of her children Liam and Stella helping her out with what looks like a glow in the dark DIY art experience. Talk about fun, right?

In the pic, it looks like both kids are having a blast experimenting with different glow in the dark colors while in the dark. Ok, I might not longer be a child (cough * 34 * cough), but I would love to do something like this! Tori Spelling, can you adopt me? LOL.

Check out the adorable photo below!

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 8.13.06 AM

Photos via Instagram

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