Tori Spelling Has Mom Guilt For Not Spending Enough Time With Daughter Hattie

Tori Spelling and Hattie

Tori Spelling, my heart goes out to you. The celebrity mom has gone through so much this year, with her near-death experience with her fourth pregnancy and now having to raise four children under the age of five (yikes!). The actress and reality television star shares her concerns on why she thinks she didn’t spend enough time with her third child Hattie during her first year of her life, since she got pregnant so fast after giving birth to her earlier this year. Yeah, mom guilt sucks a big one. Here’s what she says:

“I feel most guilty about Hattie. I basically missed the first year of her life. I’ll be trying to make it up to her forever. She spoke her first word ‘dada’ when I was away and she started crawling.

“She would visit but I couldn’t hold her. I still can’t because of my latest surgery. I haven’t held her on my own since she was five months old. I’m constantly worried about what our relationship will be like. Even now if she falls it’s Dean she reaches for not me. She doesn’t even know me.”

I know a lot of people have a lot of things to say about Tori, but I do see her as a very genuine person. Don’t worry, Tori, there is no doubt that all FOUR of your children love you very much. You seem like one of the most awesome mothers in Hollywood, and I truly mean that.

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