Tori Spelling Kids All Dressed up for First Dance Recital! Adorable! (Photos)

tori spelling kids
Stella and Liam, getting ready for their big night!

Yesterday, celeb mom Tori Spelling tweeted out her excitement about her children’s first dance recital. Stella just turned three last week and celebrated with a party on Saturday.

Liam is four and Tori said that he started freestyling in the middle of their dance routine! I love when kids act like… well… KIDS!

See Stella posing for the camera in her fabulous dance outfit: 

What a fun milestone for Tori Spelling, to get to watch her kids perform for the first time! How old were your kids the first time they had a dance recital or their first ball game?

tori spelling
Stella McDermott poses for the camera

Photos: Twitter

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