Tori Spelling Lets Kids Live In A Pig Sty!

tori spelling,
Tori Spelling lets her kids sleep with their pet pig Hank!

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tori Spelling sure has some interesting sleeping arrangements going on in her home!

The 38-year-old mom recently tweeted a photo of her kids, Liam and Stella, sleeping with their pet pig Hank!

She tweeted, “Kids sleeping with Hank. They are all cozy and now all 3 are snoring haha.”

If only my mom was as cool as Tori Spelling. I would never in a million years be allowed to sleep with a pig!

Liam and Stella are experiencing one of the best childhoods I’ve ever encountered. I hope they know how lucky they are!

What type of pets do you have?

[Photo via Twitter.]