Tori Spelling: Next Dancing With The Stars Competitor?


A popular gig for working moms these days? To go on Dancing With The Stars! But unless you are a celebrity, there’s no need to apply. Only those with famous faces get the opportunity to Cha Cha, Rhumba and Waltz on this ultra popular television phenomenon.

There are  some celebs that would totally seem like a perfect fit for the show. One of the stars on our short list? Tori Spelling! It doesn’t take much of an imagination to envision her in one of those ball gowns gliding across the dance floor.  At a event in New York City this week Tori was asked if she’d ever go on Dancing with the Stars…she (and Dean) said:

Tori: It would really take me far away from my family, but in theory, yes. I would because I love to dance and I like glittery costumes.

Dean: Tori’s a great dancer.

Tori: I tell Dean he should do it because then I can experience from the front row twice a week and I’d take care of the kids and then I’d get the balance.

Dean: You just want to see me wear a dance belt.

Tori: No, I just want to see your hips gyrate—you have great moves.

Who would you rather see on DWTS? Tori or Dean?

Their show premieres tonight @ 10/9 c on Oxygen.

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