Tori Spelling Nurses Candy Back To Health


spellingThings keep getting better and better between Tori Spelling and her mom Candy.

Candy was at the GBK Gift Lounge getting free swag recently when she spoke to US magazine about how loving her daughter has been.

She explained that when she had her neck surgery, Tori was there to nurse her back to health. Also, the 64-year-old is happy being a grandma to Stella and Liam.

“They are great,” Candy gushed. “Right now I am not picking them up because of my surgery, but I’m going to see them next week actually.”

Just when you think a relationship can’t be repaired, it can. I do think that Stella and Liam are the reason why Tori has let Candy back into her life. Why should the kids suffer from not knowing their grandmother?