Tori Spelling Pregnant: A 90210 Reunion Would Include Bunches of Babies!

tori spelling pregnant
The 90210 gang

Today, Tori Spelling tweeted out that she is pregnant with her third child. This announcement came after much speculation.

But, with Tori Spelling pregnant, I started thinking about the entire original cast of 90210. How many of them have kids? The answer is: all of them! And they have bunches of kids!

If the original cast of 90210 were to have a get together and bring all their kids, there would be three from Jenny Garth, two from Gabrielle Carteris, two from Luke Perry, and two from Jason Priestley. Add in Tori Spelling’s two and you’d have eleven kids at that reunion.

Eleven plus two baby bumps: Tori’s and then Ian Ziering’s wife, who is due with the couples’ first baby this month.