Tori Spelling Pregnant Style: Maternity Jumpsuit a Hit or Miss? (Photos)

Tori Spelling maternity jumpsuit pregnant
A pregnant Tori Spelling sports maternity jumpsuit - love it?

Tori Spelling was seen at a farmer’s market over the weekend wearing a maternity jumpsuit that hugged her baby bump – is Tori Spelling’s pregnant style a hit or a miss?

Has Tori started a new pregnant mama-to-be trend, or will the maternity jumpsuit / jumper come and go?

I want to like it. I really do. On the positive side, it looks beyond comfortable, and what pregnant woman doesn’t want that?

But on the negative side, well, it’s not entirely flattering. Tori, who is said to be six months pregnant, looks a little bit further along, don’t you think?

I love Tori in the maternity maxi dress/boho chic maternity fashions she’s usually seen in, but I do appreciate her pulling out a little color and taking a risk with the jumpsuit.

If comfort is your number one priority though, I don’t think you can beat this look! We found a similar style with the Bella Blu Maternity Jumper.

Do you like Tori Spelling’s blue maternity jumpsuit?

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Images: PCNPhotos

Certainly Tori has no body qualms: “I go in the buff in front of my kids!”